Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bionic - Christina Aguilera comback

WELL!!! You know Christina Aguilera as the wild, party all night, mommy. Well that's exactly what she is and she's EMBRASING IT!!! On her new album Bionic she has a songs like; Woohoo(ft. Nicki Minaj): This song is basically about Nicki and Christina and a bunch of other girls jumping around giggling there stuff infront of guys daring them to touch them....akward but A GOOD SONG!, Prima Donna: This is just saying im Chrisitna Agiulera and i dont care who you are but I rule over you....I CANT STOP SINGING THIS!!!!, You Lost Me: This song is like any other love song; I loved him, and then he cheated on me so now its over, and i kinda want him back but im afraid of what people will say, and I still love him but what if he does it again ; same story line still a beautiful song and the music video got released recently so check it out!! I Hate Boys: "I hate boys, but boys love me. I think they suck, and my friends agree"...that explains itself, Vanity: "I'm not cocky I just love myself....bitch!" that does a pretty good job explaining itself to...you get it, and Bobblehead: This is a very playful unique song, a song I think someone or Christina wrote because she needed one last song for her album and she chose to write about your average, everyday, sluts. But I really love this song because it's just unique no one else would write about this and it just helps all of us go through highschool/middle school a whole lot better.
To clear everything up I'm trying to say that Christina actually wrote this "playful and kinda fun" album because of her son Max(who's birthday is 7 days before mine!!!), he brings out the crazy playful side in her and so I think maybe this album was for him.
Well hope you liked this post remember....I LOVE YA!!! :() kisses :P HAHA c ya!

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