About Me

Hey! I'm just a 13 year old who loves singing! like its been my dream to travel around the world and sing for people since i was 9! It'll always be a dream of mine...well for now! I really want 2 make this dream into a reality! but sadly its like really hard -_- hahahaha i wish i could be singing on a stage every night going to award shows meeting other famous people meeting actual fans! and signing stuff for them and taking pictures with them! I've always wanted to have fans :) i think that's one of the perks of being famous having fans, people that love your music as much as you do.i would love to go on tour of ...well anywhere! I've been to a studio and recorded a lil somethin! but its not that good it was a year ago when i was really getting into publicly singing and so i dont think what i recorded really shows what i can really do! i feel like my voice has grown and shaped into something really good and i would like to go to a studio and record a CD full of some fave songs of mine and sell it in my school's bookstore. but well times are hard and schools almost here and summers almost over and i still havent gotten in a studio yet! but that's ok if not now later...hopefully :) I'm honestly just determined to do this and i wont stop until i get there!
          HEY GUYS!!! It's Alexa again...well um OBVIOUSLY!!! I'm my #1 FaN!! Atleast i think....HAHA. Anyways so I just put up a new post and I really really really hope you guys love it, and what the post is about, as much as I do. By the way everything I write is basically like a party exploding in your mouth(don't deny it) so for people who are reading this....do u feel that...in your mouth....YEP YOU FEEL IT!!! Haha so read my posts and come join my party! We have chips and dip...NAH to boring we have CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS....I'm craving them right now LOL so if you want to eat CCCM's(its fast then writing chocolate chocolate chip muffins...oh darn...)then come join the fun! You can also join me on twitter folow me! tWITTER.COM/aLEXAROXX...dont spell it like that but YOU GET IT! k bye :() kisses HAHA i love that!
          Hey so I'm Alexa!!!! Buuuuuuut you probably know that already! :P im really hyper like...well...um...ALL THE TIME and my friend Emma can tell you that. HAHA. By the way im gonna be honest with you i didnt make this blog....my best friend did. she thought i could use one and it turns out i do...i guess. HAHA. But anyways currently i am getting bugged by my sister who does this "bugging" a lot. NOT FUN. ok!? yeah u get it. I really LOVE singing its my passion and my life i enjoy it so much and u can see my youtube videos on here tht i post....hm...i dont know maybe every 2 weeks. they're really fun 2 make and i just enjoy everything i do and hope 4 the best so yeah. :) i really hope that 1 day i can get discovered and be as big as Justin B!!! or just plain old famous. HAHA so hope u enjoy my blog and um...BYE! :() kisses LOL