Friday, July 27, 2012


Soooooooo basically nothing's been going on but I've been eating a bunch of Chick-Fil-A lately! lol yup so I'll tell you when somethings going on....obviously hahaha

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've been doing nothing all week! lol I really have nothing to do I mean I've been going out but no where blog worthy. I mean on Wednesday I went to work with my mom and Thursday I got knew rainbow suspenders! Which is awesome! And yesterday(Friday) I went to the mall with my mom and my sister and got black and white checker suspenders, a new lace glove and a ring! And I'm wearing the checker suspenders and the ring today! :) Soooooo yeeeeah and today I'm supposed to do stuff update y'all later! :()

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I was in Florida!

So as can see by the title I was in Florida!!! And my family and I go every summer so it was a fun thing. Except this year we didn't go to any theme parks we just stayed at the resort :) And the resort is always fun. I also got to see my cousin Aliyah that I haven't seen since I was a baby and her brother Josh!(who is also my cousin lol) So they were cool and we got to catch up not too much but basically. We went swimming every single day, sometimes two times a day. And we also did Putt Putt two days in a row which was fun! One time at night and then Aliyah and Josh went with us one time in the afternoon. And we went to the Arcade and the sunset celebrations and danced and participated in contests. My cousins and my sister participated in a karaoke contest which was interesting to watch although the whole time I kinda just wanted to go home lol And we went to some gift shops and picked up some gifts and things to take home. I wanted something from the resort so I went to the gift shop outside of the resort with my cousins to get their souveniers and then I went to one of the resort gift shops with my mom and dad to get something for myself. I got this pink watch that I've been wanting for months and my dad picked out this surprisingly cute shirt for me to wear and it matched my watch which was crazy! So yeah that's what I was up to :) And Sunday afternoon and yesterday all I was hunting down Taco Bells to get a bunch of taco's to stuff myself with lol

Friday, July 13, 2012

Instagram and Singing

So this Instagram and the Singing part of this blog can also not be updated until the end of the week or Monday because of technical difficulties....for real. So yeah! But I can't wait to share! <3 :()

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


MMMMMMK so I was going to tell you about everything that's happened since the last time I was on but I can't remember all of it!....or most of it. Soooooo I'm just going to tell you what happened starting not last Thursday but the Thursday before. So on the Thursday before last Thursday I went to Maryland for my Family Reunion for my moms side and I met a lot of cool people and it turns out i have cousins thay are around my age that I didn't know about! So that's exciting! let's see two 19 yearolds, a 13 year old, and a 2 year old....she's not anywhere near my age much but ya know she was there but yeah and they are really nice! So are the grownups! ok and that ended on Sunday and then I went back home and some of my family from Connecticut stayed at my house for a bit. And we spent the 4th of July together! We went to a diner and  watched Fireworks from the diner because they were all over the place! and we bascially went to that diner 3 nights the week lol the waitors and the food were so amazing! Seriously I can't wait to go back!Hmmmmand then I did really nothing on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated doing something extra special but I can't tell you what we did yet! everything that I've been doing this week will remain a secret until Sunday or Monday! so bye bye for now! <3