Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So last Friday I went to a Justin Bieber concert in New Jersey..so basically since I live in Pennsylvania I had to sit in the car, in traffic, when we where ALMOST late, for about an hour and a half - two hours. Not the best time when you have your two crazied obsessed Justin Bieber friends sitting in the back of you screaming and pretending to die on the seats of the car "WE'RE NEVER GONNA MAKE IT AND I'M NEVER GONNA SEE THE HOT SEXY BIEBERNESS!!" And then you have my sister in the back seat screaming "But YOU said we were gonna pass this street. No but then YOU said this street! This isn't the street!!!" to my mom in the front seat where I was in the passenger seat.
Now through all of this I was SURPRISINGLY calm. Didn't say more than 10 words. Just working the GPS in my car and my moms phone, for my mom. And somehow I just knew we wern't gonna be late. Even though we left my house at 5:30 and the concert was at 7. but see the thing is Sean Kingston went on first which I was trying to tell my friends, "We'll get there when he's performing so we will see Justin Bieber"..yet they still screamed and pretend died and then they started to slap eachother and tried to kill one another because..they were probably just BORED. But we got there 20 minutes BEFORE everything started. So EVERYONE in the car except me was kinda STUPID.
So anyways to get back to the CONCERT experience it was good. Awesome performances. I DEFFINETLY loved when Justin was like "Do you wanna get close to me tonight?" and came around in a heart singing Favorite Girl...yep that was awesome.
So then after the concert I was all hyped up, and after we were walking down the street to our car I see SEAN FREAKING KINGSTONS tour bus and start to scream. I wanted to go and pick the lock on the door so I could get in(OFCOURSE) but my friends were holding me back....like litterally HOLDING ME BACK. And so then i got bored just staring at it in glory that I actually started making funny faces at it...I kinda hope Sean Kingston was laughing. LOL. But then his tour bus left and I started to cry cus....Sean Kingstons my BFF......he just doesn't know it yet.... But then I saw Justin Bieber's van and I'm like holy crap! and I run to it almost sufficating the car with my love(yes i know awesome figure of speech) and I'm taking pictures and videos with my friend and the rest of the screaming fan girls. And my other friend she didnt know it was Justin so she stayed with my mom and my sister. And then the police personel or whatever came up and was like "NO YOU NEED TO BACK UP!" and I was thinking damn homie it's gonna be like that!(lmfao seriously though!) and then I ran on the side walk running on the side of the van all the way down one blcok with my friend and some other girl and then down another..and halfway down another when some other security personel was like "no stop chasing him!" and I was thinking DAMN! again but on the outside I was like that's cool I'll be IN the van next time LOL.
So overall...my first Justin Bieber concert....WAS BEAST.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Demi Lovato.

you guys know that i love Demi Lovato with all my life...and when i found out she was in rehab..i snapped. Like a twig. Couldn't be put back together again. It killed me. It really did. I didn't know what to do. Or say. But right now...I guess all there is left to say is, Ged Bless Demi Lovato.