Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Idol: Demi Lovato

So by the title of this post you can probably see it's about Demi Lovato and that she is my Idol...DUGH! Anyways I wasn't going to write a blog for a long time but then I started reading a magazine and I was like "why not do a blog on Demi?" She inspires me everyday and she is deffinetly one of my top idols and I only have 4 so she's UP THERE!!!

I don't know if you are aware but Demi Lovato is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Speaking of the Jonas Brothers one of them was dating Demi Lovato. And that just happens to be Joe Jonas. They were dating for about three months until Joe broke up with Demi minutes before an interview they had together. Demi was sad but she now wears her head high and smiles that beautiful smile of hers. She's very brave and she still has to tour with the Jo Bros and pretend that everything is ok, so she basically has no choice but to be smile.

That's why I love her because in any bad situations she can turn everything around and that's a beautiful thing. Most people can't do that AND NEITHER CAN I!!! We should all folow her examples. She's moved on and I'm happy for her. I'm also happy that Joe and her are still friends.

Well that's the end of this post hope ya loved it and I hope Demi has fun on her tour. See you on Aug. 21 Demi!!! As for the rest of you see you next post! :() Peace!

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