Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hannah Montana Forever

Ok, so I know what you were all thinking, "Wait Miley Cyrus said she wasn't going to make anymore Hannah Montana. That she's had enough and she needs to work on her studies." Well guess what? There is a new Hannah Montana series and if you ask me it's better than the old seasons. I mean u got old characters and new characters combined and then you've got your teenage problems, and then you have the living a double life thing. Its the whole complete Hannah Montana package! She also has new songs to go with it like, Ordinary Girl, and Are you ready. She sings part of Are You Ready in the first episode.
Miley Cyrus has gone from Disney Channel's sweet heart, to Pole Dancing Teen Drama, to a regular girl. Everyone was so caught up in the "old" younger Miley Cyrus, you know when she was, um FOURTEEN!!!, but now she's basically a young woman. She dates guys, she drives a car, she shops around, she goes to wild parties, GOSH PEOPLE SHE'S HAVING FUN!!! and that's what we havent noticed. Back in 2008-09 she was trying to tell us something "im not a kid anymore please stop treating me like one" And some of us took tht as "IM GONNA SHAKE EVERYTHING AND TAKE MY CLOTHES OF INFRONT OF EVERYBODY!!!" but no that's not what she said...obviously. But she has really grown up, she now has a new album out, Cant Be Tamed, and A NEW HANNAH MONTANA SEASON!!, and she is going to colledge! I'm very proud of her, and I have to say she's kinda like a big sister figure to me I look up to her and she's a great "big sister to me" and a great role model to not just me but to many other kids out there and i wish her the best of luck on her "journey".

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