Friday, July 8, 2011

Jenna Marbles

so just yesterday when i was on youtube really late 4 some reason oh wait CUS IM A LOSER AND I HAVE NO LIFE.
jkaaaaaaaaaaay :P well i am a loser....
so yeah i was on youtube and shiz and i find this awesome chick ranting about different shiz and im like WOOOOAH. She must have a life :( lol but seriously.....
so yeah and i was like this girl is cool! and i like her Youtube vids and i subscribed and i think that even though she has 532,138 subscribers she needs more so go subscribe she's awesome! so yeah the chick is awesome but yeah so now im going 2 go back 2 having no life even though i go out everyday and hang with friends at the mall, the movies, on their computers at home, in a dark alleyway laughing with hobo's...jk but i wish.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Penns Landing Fam Jams Concert

So on Sunday I think it was, i was like so excited to go this Fam Jams concert at Penns Landing to see CODY SIMPSON, EmIlY oSmEnT, and Tim Urban. But guess waht?!? Cody got double booked and this group called Straight No Chaser replaced them and I was sad.
But it turned out Straight No Chaser is actually really amazing and rocked even though they are no Cody Simpson but whatevs! and i got Tim Urban's Autogragh(how do u spell tht???)and we took a pic together and talked 4 like 5 mins with this girl named Dana who sang(sung whatever)with Emily Osment and i took a pic with her and it was just fun stuff!!!!! and then i was even more happy after the concert when they told the crowd Cody's coming back in November!!!!!! YYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYYAYYAYAY....did i mention im excited? :D