I have a Dinasour on my shirt.

Hmmmmm <3

Blast from the past! Me and Tim Urban! :)

This is from a long time ago! I'm on the far left in the light blue jacket :)

Love this color :)

Weeeeeee it's late at night and I feel loopy

Going on a little day trip for Fathers Day now I gotta make my card real quick lol

I  made this fathers day card!! Haha i don't have time to get him an actual one soooo lol

View from my window :)

Really pretty sunset as I head home from NY

This was 2 years ago but Happy Fathers Day dad!!

Bonjour ❤

Amazing light coming in the car

Love this store. I want everything.

Goodbye sun. ❤

This just looks good, does it not?

Guess I was always meant to be in a place like this.

I guess I was 4 in this picture haha I'm on the far right holding my sister who is crying 😒 lol

New top from Forever 21

My view from above, love this spot


It's been raining...

Alicia ❤

I was gonna do this last night but I got lazy lol ❤

❤ Donate.

Caution Watch Your Dubstep. ❤

Jammin to my love! Gaaaah!!! ❤

Goodbye Atlantic City ❤

My girl Camryn's on the radio <3

This is my view right now ❤

Forgot to show you my shoes so here's full shot of my whole outfit :) took the suspenders off my shoulders so they're just hanging

Feels like I'm in Paradise

A picture I uploaded today :)

A picture I took for my mom and dad's anniversary on June 24th :)

I literally bit off all the corners and left grad there without

The street scene.

Weeeeeeeeew ❤

I love nature. But I hate actually being in it. lol

Watermelon anyone? ❤

Watched them play for a bit...thats what you can do while you're in traffic haha

I liked it right there.

Sooner or later.

I like this picture...might make me look unhappy but I'm plenty happy right now! Lol

Ugh I look so crazy. Someone was making me laugh haha Amaia ❤

I probably had one of the best weekend I'd had in like months!

So this was my outfit of the day the other day <3 :)

Love this light it was pretty cool. And I has to tilt the light and it almost fell and stuff so yeah lol


Railroad tracks on my way to DC the other week

Canada Day nails!! Haha I'm so late but that's ok :) ❤


Long story long my aunt gave me a nightgown as a random gift and I don't like nightgowns so I cut it into a shirt/tank top type thing lol :P

I have a lollipop as a finger, shame.

Every time I come here I have a great time <3 don't you just love to get away.

I just need to come here for a day and shop. Lol that's all I need to do.

That's my name babe

Guess who I ran into on the way to dinner!!! ❤ haha

At a Diner :)

Got this earlier on finally ❤

Had dinner at 9:30 the other week lol

Happy 4th of July!!!! What did everyone do to celebrate? :)

Happy 4th everybody :)

I literally hopped out of the car and ran to the perfect spot in the parking lot to get this pic lol

Coach ❤

I think this was like 2 years ago or something haha so young

I'm lying.

Fun times, fun times. Stayed there for 4 hours next time I go I want to go all day lol

We only got to the last 30 minutes of the water park but that's ok with me because I wasn't swimming soo lol

aaaaaah fun times

This place ❤

No filter

In the streets.

The sunset an hour ago ❤

No filter It was a busy day, glad that I didn't fall asleep during it. 

My ears huuuuuuuuurt.

I had a great week with my cousins ❤

I love taking pictures of my surroundings :)

I went to a party tonight, it was fun :)

My hair was really wavy when I took it out of my ponytail :)

My moms favorite color is grey so I did the text color grey lol

It's really cold in this room + no filter :)

I did get a tan but you wouldn't notice it! haha

Just a little poolside reading :)

The first page of this book made me fall in love. I'm gonna be up all night.

Ma hurr was curly.

I was very blue the other day.

Just a little night putt putt.

We looooove golf  + I got second place :)

This was either last year or two years ago but we at it again

I now know how to say Friday The 13 in Swedish :) No Filter

Friday The 13th

Mah hurr got lonnnnggaaaaaaa + I straightened it! :)

It's Frankenstein.....s

Woooooooh :) ❤

Saw this when I was out on a scavenger hunt :)

Gaaaah love this watch

Was in Florida for the week but I'm back! :)

ootd the other day
Running errands with my mom but I thought I'dl say hey, and ask you how your days been?
This morning, I wanted to go back to sleep but Iwent and worked out anyway

Did this new hairstyle :)



Jewelry for the day

Basically arriving in DC.

I have rainbow suspenders! ❤

This place was cool :)

Wish You Were Here.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, my dad is really great :) and

Excuse my bleh nose

I went to Claire's and got some stuff


I ate a bit of it before I took the picture but this was actually like ohmygod ❤

"I know you been hurt, by someone else. I can tell by the way, you carry yourself."


Lalalala left hand jewelry

Rings for the day

Downtown. walking the streets


I saw a diaper in the park today. So disgusting.

I never take a picture from this angle so I decided to try it


Love articles like this

My band-aid finger wanted to show up lol

This is so pretty
Was at Outback Steak House and it was so nice! Loved how the place looked haha I'd only been there once before so I didn't remember what it was like.

Tried something new on my lips, it's nudish, my sister begged me to try it on after I bought it the other night

So bright.☀

I'm in the wilderness. Lol not really just in the middle of like no where.

My sister was like obsessed with this cloud. Lol

So cool but so high!

This necklace

One day our clocks will stop and all of us will run out of time

Abraham Lincoln. :)

Sitting in the car with my sister who is saying some messed up things.

Rock is so much fun.

Jewelry for the day....well yesterday. Haha

Haha that persons hand in the picture just made this even better haha

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