Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Alright I'm going to make this Long, short, whatever I don't really know but I need to vent and post (maybe)my last post ever. Alright so I live on the East Coast where there is currently a Hurricane and I'm kinda freaking out. I mean my power went out for like an hour and a half. But it was good because my family and I spent some time watching Bad Teacher together in the dark with some candles and we usually don't spend any time together so this was good. hahah But then the power came back on and we all went to seperate rooms again :(...I'm not really sad we still love eachother we're just not that touchy feely always have to see eachother type...even though there's a hurricane outside.....OK! But anyways it was all good and I was happy and we were all happy until like 30 minutes ago when we got a friggin Tornado warning! And I'm like...THE FUDGE!!!. I have memories I want to hold on to! lol
I'm not really worried about dieing because we have a seller and we can go down there...I mean the Tornado will blow or house away and then all we'll have is a seller but that's ok! So I'm here packing my bags and then I'm like forget this and I just started praying and low and behold the Tornado warnings go away! so I'm here now writing to you. I have no idea what will happen next. I'm just scared. And worried. And I want to cry but...I know that won't help anything. So I'm happy not that happy but happier than I was.... I mean I don't really want to cry anymore! hahaha so yeah...pray <3

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Twitter's come up with some annoying shiz. Like I've been losing followers for some reason probably because people don't have a life and i do so their taking it out on me(jk....). But so I'm following over 2,000 people so apperantly that means i'm not allowed to follow anymore because they hate me. and if i want to follow more people have to follow me but more people are just unfollowing me so i still cant follow and i just find this really sad. and annoying. and i blame twitter for being so stinky. yeaah i said stinky.
i mean IF i could follow i WOULD follow more people that ask to be followed and i WOULD follow other people and ALL of those people WOULD FOLLOW BACK because they are NICE and then i would have more followers and we wouldnt have this problem and i wouldnt be all depressed and i wouldnt be writing this right now! although it is good that i'm writing something because i havent done anything on here in like a month :P
but so yeah...its sad.....RAWR.