Friday, February 11, 2011


So i saw Never Say Never 3D on Wednesday(Feb. 9th) wonder why? well i was VIP! yay! so yeah the movie comes out 2day but i saw it 2 days b4 cus I'm cool like dat! lol jk but yeah it was very like ...AMAZING!!! i loved every minute of it! it was very inspiring and i hope i can be like J Bieber 1 day and be a singer because that's honestly what i want to do i want to become a professional singer! sharing all my songs with the world having fans and people that i inspire. that would be cool and that's my dream...isn't it almost everybody's? :) so to see a movie like that was very inspiring and i was just amazed at the struggles that Justin had to go through to become what he is today and to do what he does today. So thanks Justin for just giving me more courage