Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Soooooooooooo I've been busy and really not busy lately :P Makes no sense I know. :) Soooooo let's start from Sunday June 17th weeeeellllll i went to New York to celebrate my cousins birthday and father's day lol so that was fun I got to see my cousins and my grandparents and aunts. Which was a great thing! Monday I don't remember what I did :P lol June 19th Tuesday I walked around a little town with my mom and my sister and we did a little browsing in some of our favorite stores lol We were too tired to shop trust us we had a very long day -_- Wednesday the uuuuugh....20th! of June lol I went to the mall with my friend Lauren and we had some good times :) and then I went to my mom's class and helped her set up and stuff and then hung out in the Hospital cafeteria with my sister playing some games and ate dinner haha And Thrusday and Friday I think I just ran errands with my mom and my sister. Saturday June 23 I think I just spent the day with my family :) Sunday June 24 I went to Atlantic City and went to a boardwalk and a casino(even though I can'y play cus I'm not old enough I like going in there and it's really pretty and you have to go through it to get to the boardwalk) with my friend Paola and it was sooooo fun. I went last year with my friend Pauline and we also went on rides so that was good. And then yesterday, Monday I did nothing but run errands with my mom cus I just wanted to get out of the house so bad and Today I've been inside all day for the most part and it's that time of the month again so I'm deffinetly ok with that :P LOL but chyea that's it! :()

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I can't even begin to tell you whats been going on and thats because it's the morning and my brain hasn't started working yet :P buuuuuuut anyways hmmm smy sister's birthday was wednesday and thrusday we had one of her friends actually celebrate her birthday with us(since we did a terrible job of it on her actual birthday) and so we went to get pizza and pasta for lunch and then we went to the mall and hung out there and I gots some stuff and then we went to a chinese/japanese place where they cook infront of you and it was fun! And then yesterday hmmmm we...well...............idk what we did for most of the day yesterday but at the end of the day we went to a play and it was amazing! Better than I expected really and today I have bunches of things to do but I'll write about it later because I;m running a bit late <3 :()

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Sister's Birthday

So it's my sister's birthday today and we were supposed to do things today like go out to dinner and the movies and shiz but that didn't happen cus no one felt like doing that haha. My mom and dad had work so by the time they got back there was nothing to do and my mom got back earlier than my dad so she took us to the mall and it was kinda fun after all. We had chinese food and laughed and it was good girls day. And when we got home my sister got her presents. My dad gave her an IPad. Yes my 10 year old sister got an IPad and when I asked for a computer for my 14th i did not receive this lol but atleast i have an IPhone 4. And my mom and i gave her presents mostly clothes and then some candy and yeeeeeaaaah so it was pretty much a fun day. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

So hey! I spent the day with my mom and my sister today listened to opera and broadway of course :) and for fun we listened to silly kids music!!! hahah some of it was actually decent and fun to listen to! But now I'm at home just cruisin Youtube and updating all my accounts and listening Ryan Beatty's new song! Nobody Like You and I'm very in love with it!!! aaaaaah I'm literally over here playing it over and over again! hahaha if you haven't heard it here ya go!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Idea!

So I've decided I'm going to use this blog to document my life!........Even though I already do that! I'm going to try to post something everyday! so yeah! It's like a diary!


FINALLY IT'S SUMMER. Unfortunatly my dad wants me to go to camo :( because he always does even thought every year I tell him i hate the camps I go to so he lets me go to a new camo every year and I'm just waiting for the day when he realizes I really hate camp. Like to be honest camp is miserable and he doesn't even give me a choice! I mean he does but he picks the camps and then lets me choose which ones I liked best even though i don't like any of them because I hate the camps he chooses! But yeah! hoping the rest of the summer when I'm not configned to a camp I hate will be good!