Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sooooooo i went to Maryland!!!

          I came back on Tuesday but I've been busy with family! So yeah I went to Maryland because my aunt and uncle had tickets to the Olympics so they went to Europe and I went to go visit my cousins meanwhile! and my aunt came down with my other cousin and another aunt of mine came and we had a god time! We went to the movies twice first we saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and it was halarious! I don't think we ever stopped laughing! And then we saw Total Recall which was also really amazing! I thought it was gonna be completley scary but it was actually really good and I didn't have to puke because of too much blood or anything! LoL although it was kind of disgusting seeing that three boobed girl....but anyways yeah! we also went shopping! I went couponing with my aunt! hahaha we're like coupon and fashion buddies now :) lol and uuum When I was dowtown in Maryland with my cousins when we saw Total Recall we went to Chick-Fil-A and had FroYo so that's always fun! We also got caught by poopish people sneaking drinks into the theator. -_- whatever. LOL
          Also! I went to a Demi Lovato concert with my friend Pauline and it was absolutely amazing! I just couldn't beleive I was seeing her live and I cried. BUCKETS. also Hot Chelle Rae was also amazing I was like WOOAH!
          So yeah that's basically it! But after we left Maryland the first aunt I talked about who brought one of my cousins with her? Yeah that one. They came home with us and so they stayed until today(Saturday)and they actually left 2 hours ago but yeah we went shopping with them! Grocery shopping and clothes shopping! haha we all had a splendid time at Sams. We also went to a Victoria Justice concert and that was just really great!!!! and Max Schnieder opened for her and he was amazing! I loved every song he sung and I loved it when he played the ukulely(lol thats probably not how you spell it but hopefully you know what it says....its a little guitar like thing! you know...those lol) But yeah he's dreamy :)
          So yeah that's basically a wrap up of everything! oh and I have things to say about next week! idk what I'm doing tomorrow but starting Monday things are happening High School things 0_0
          I'm scared.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


HAHA SO HEY GUYS! Came to update you on life! haha i've basically just been as you can tell from the title SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING. hahaha almost everyday actually! haha and i finally got a chubby stick which I'm extatic about! hahaha I've wanted a chubby stick for like 2 months now so now that i finally have one it's kinda And yeah I can't wait to get another one! But yeah check out Chubby Sticks by Clinique if you've never heard of it or haven't tried it yet! It's nice! Oh i also got Revelon's sort of chubby stick like thing but i think its a balm stain...i think maybe thats something else i got lol idk but it just ___________ Kissable or Kissable _________ and that's  nice too! haha although i had to reaply kinda a bit but i still like it A LOT! so yeah hahaa :() peace