Wednesday, July 14, 2010


JUSTIN BIEBER FT. USHER-SOMEBODY TO LOVE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOok so first what up with justin just putting his fist up in the sky???? What is that for!!!? and second he can’t lip sink! now dont get me wrong i LOVE Justin Bieber but the dude needs some practice. Then there’s a girl who’s like ALL OVER him….i mean really if your gonna do that GET A ROOM! Also I REALLY wanna play hide and go seek with him….akward. Then random dust flies all over while they randomly dance in the middle of no where…uuum exuse me but uum WHAT UP WITH THAT! Then Usher comes into it…two words…MESSED UP! He totally messed up THE Justin Bieber I mean no one wants to see Usher if we did we’d get tickets to see Justin Bieber and an Usher concert but we don’t now do we. RETORICAL QUESTION. Then Justin comes back falling on the floor with the rest of the domino’s then he flips his hair…i mean don’t get me wrong we all love THE JUSTIN BIEBER HAIR FLIP but in the music vid…dude come on. NO! Then a random girl comes oput shakes herself and they don’t show her anymore…what up with that! And then Usher and Justin Bieber are magicaly transported into a room with fire all around…dancing…if i was in a room with fire all around i’de run not BRAKE INTO SONG WITH MESSED UP DANCE MOVES!!! Also Justin likes to yell when he sings. Then they dance with backpacks…WHO RANDOMLY TAKES OFF A BACKPACK AND STARTS DANCING WITH IT!!!??? OBVIOUSLY JUSTIN BIEBER! But Justin Bieber is a decent dancer i mean he can do teh coreographed dances very well but then he dances alone and your like…akward. overall awesome video GOOD JOB JUSTIN BIEBER! LOL

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