Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Sister's Birthday

So it's my sister's birthday today and we were supposed to do things today like go out to dinner and the movies and shiz but that didn't happen cus no one felt like doing that haha. My mom and dad had work so by the time they got back there was nothing to do and my mom got back earlier than my dad so she took us to the mall and it was kinda fun after all. We had chinese food and laughed and it was good girls day. And when we got home my sister got her presents. My dad gave her an IPad. Yes my 10 year old sister got an IPad and when I asked for a computer for my 14th i did not receive this lol but atleast i have an IPhone 4. And my mom and i gave her presents mostly clothes and then some candy and yeeeeeaaaah so it was pretty much a fun day. :)

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