Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Twitter's come up with some annoying shiz. Like I've been losing followers for some reason probably because people don't have a life and i do so their taking it out on me(jk....). But so I'm following over 2,000 people so apperantly that means i'm not allowed to follow anymore because they hate me. and if i want to follow more people have to follow me but more people are just unfollowing me so i still cant follow and i just find this really sad. and annoying. and i blame twitter for being so stinky. yeaah i said stinky.
i mean IF i could follow i WOULD follow more people that ask to be followed and i WOULD follow other people and ALL of those people WOULD FOLLOW BACK because they are NICE and then i would have more followers and we wouldnt have this problem and i wouldnt be all depressed and i wouldnt be writing this right now! although it is good that i'm writing something because i havent done anything on here in like a month :P
but so yeah...its sad.....RAWR.

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