Friday, July 8, 2011

Jenna Marbles

so just yesterday when i was on youtube really late 4 some reason oh wait CUS IM A LOSER AND I HAVE NO LIFE.
jkaaaaaaaaaaay :P well i am a loser....
so yeah i was on youtube and shiz and i find this awesome chick ranting about different shiz and im like WOOOOAH. She must have a life :( lol but seriously.....
so yeah and i was like this girl is cool! and i like her Youtube vids and i subscribed and i think that even though she has 532,138 subscribers she needs more so go subscribe she's awesome! so yeah the chick is awesome but yeah so now im going 2 go back 2 having no life even though i go out everyday and hang with friends at the mall, the movies, on their computers at home, in a dark alleyway laughing with hobo's...jk but i wish.

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