Wednesday, August 1, 2012


HAHA SO HEY GUYS! Came to update you on life! haha i've basically just been as you can tell from the title SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING. hahaha almost everyday actually! haha and i finally got a chubby stick which I'm extatic about! hahaha I've wanted a chubby stick for like 2 months now so now that i finally have one it's kinda And yeah I can't wait to get another one! But yeah check out Chubby Sticks by Clinique if you've never heard of it or haven't tried it yet! It's nice! Oh i also got Revelon's sort of chubby stick like thing but i think its a balm stain...i think maybe thats something else i got lol idk but it just ___________ Kissable or Kissable _________ and that's  nice too! haha although i had to reaply kinda a bit but i still like it A LOT! so yeah hahaa :() peace

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