Saturday, September 17, 2011

True Friends

1 of my friends just thinks that everything she says is halarious but really I don't understand a word she says.
1 of my friends is crazy mental...i don't even know if we're actually friends.
1 of my friends used to be like my sister but then she bitched out at me and started hating me and now she's my "friend" again.
1 of my friends just wants to comlain about everything and cant get a life.
1 of my friends loves hanging out with me but never wants to.
1 of my friends hates me.
2 of my friends actually love me and want to hang and talk to me all the time. REAL FRIENDS.
and the rest of my friends i really don't know what's up with them. CALL ME CRAZY but i just want someone to actually call a friend.

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