Monday, January 31, 2011

Adele - 21

So for people who don't know i just heard about this artist her names Adele and she is AMAZING she's a huge role model and a BIG inspiration and i love her! and her song Rolling in the Deep that is AMAZING and I'm doing a cover of it on youtube! so you can check that out maybe in the next week!! you know what else is amazing about Adele is that her new album "21" ia number ONE in FOURTEEN countries!!! good for you girl! i was so excited when i heard this news cus i love her and her music so much!! I can't wait to get it on soon as my dad gives me my Itouch back...bad grades xD but yeah you should go get it! IDC if the songs are crappy she makes them NOT CRAPPY WITH HER AMAZING SINGING VOICE THAT TAKES MY FRIGGIN BREATH AWAY!!

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